Monday, May 3, 2010

A Few Thoughts..and Progress..

First and foremost CONGRATS TO JEANETTE (Our family Journey), they finally will be bringing home their precious girl who is from the same baby home as Hope;) SIGH!
How amazing, that happy ending are still being made possible by Lighthouse Adoptions, despite the unfortunate events that has been all over the media regarding future Russian Adoptions;( I pray for all the other PAP's who are still awaiting.

Our little Hopee sure has us busy, but all in a very good way! She is just a little doll! She is so much more content in the mornings when she awakes, and more secure I am sure. She sleeps all through the night now, and it is easy to tell when she is fatigued. She is constantly kissing her brothers and cousins and parents;) She makes us so proud!

We just recently had her ears peirced! I was undecided and divided about this..but then I just thought, she is going to want it sooner or later, and everyone has bought her so much I can take a hint! She looks adorable! It hurt of course, but she recovered well..and now there seems to be no signs of discomfort, despite our having to turn the studs daily and apply Neosporin and Alcohol. We will be snipping her bangs tomorrow, so we can see her eyes lol. Her hair has been growing so quickly (here is S. FL), and since she doesn't keep anything in her hair, we'll have to give her bangs.

Hope has been babbling...but we don't understand a word! She adores our cell phones, and she has a few of her own that she babbles on..its precious. sheesh, two months in America, and she has observed how the cell phone is so interesting to Americans...hmmm. She doesn't really play with her dolls;( Hopefully, yet..she sure loves CARS though! EWWWW! I hope this passes..hehe.

Despite being so busy with four kids, I have had some time to think..and I am returning back to school to finish my degree in Nursing. I will do what I can online for now, until the children are older and possibly all in school. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I don't want to over do it..but Hope has inspired me in more ways possible...praise God for his gifts;)

I hope you guys are well, and looking forward to the wonderful things ahead of us this year, May is a busy month for us. Its my Anniversary on the 16th..nine years of marriage..dunno how we will celebrate...but everyday is truly a celebration.


Jeanette said...

Thanks for the mention :) Where are the pics of these new earrings???? Got to show her loyal fans :) Sounds like you are all doing well. Congrats on going back to school.

Chris and Celeste said...

I agree where are the cute pics with her hair cut and earings. Thanks for the update, been thinking of you guys and how you are doing.