Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hope wakes with only one earring!

Great! Now what? I called the doctor's office..and they told me to bring her in and purchase one more earring...after spending $50.00 on supposed tight backs that won't come off! Grrr...I have looked everywhere for this one stud..and nada! So what do I do now? She won't let me near her to even put a temporary I go back to the doctor? Do I purchase one at the mall? The one I purchased at the doctor's wern't even pure gold or a real stone! Grrr...not happy..why Hopee? Why?

I have a feeling she lost the earring in the bathtub last night..she was just enjoying the water wayyy too much!


Anonymous said...

I would just leave it alone - she is too little to have earings. She can get them pierced when she is older. You don't want her sleeping on her little ear and having that poking her. She thinks you are torturing her, that's why she won't let you touch her ear. Take the other one out, let them heal, and forget it for 10 years! :) It's not worth all of this, and it could hinder her attachment.


The Megerle's said...

Hmmm....I have been wanting to pierce my little princess' ears since we brought her home 5 weeks ago but have been reluctent because I didn't know if it was too soon. She is 18 months old but soooo tiny...smaller than your hopee.When I saw your post that you had done it, I thought maybe I will do it too but now maybe not. Honestly though don't let people like the lady abovesay negative things to you. You are her mother and you know best. I know by reading your posts how well Hopee is attaching to you and your family and in NO way shape or form is it torture to pierce her ears.

Frederick,Mackenzie,Noah,Hope said...

Megerle's Hi! I tried to see your blog since you just brought your 'Hope' home too..but could not seem to view it;(

I don't see the Anonymous 'peggy' as negative. Her view makes sense to me, and I can understand where she is coming from...if Hope was a different child;) Though, so far being a walking 'Adoption Filter' has not aided me with Hope. Just treating her like my bio has been the only way to treat her! Hope is extrememly attached and acts just like me;) I think maybe we could have waited to peirce her..but it would only be worse, Hope is very tough, it didn't really bother her all that much. No way, would an Italian family wait till 10 years old to put jewlery on a Princess wink* You go with your gut, she's YOUR DAUGHTER!

findingourdaughter said...

Oh my goodness! Well, I have NO idea as I have never had a girl, yet.....I pray someday to worry about such things.
Good Luck!

Nancy said...

Hi There! Were you able to find the earring? When I had my daughter's ears pierced years ago, I bought 14 kt gold earrings. I believe 14 kt gold doesn't get infected like other metals.

BTW, I'm from Miami (now live in New England) and I don't recall ever seeing a young girl WITHOUT her ears pierced in South Florida. No need to "torture" her twice. Keep the earrings in!! -That's my two -cents anyways.

Best of luck to you! Your baby girl is precious!