Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is a day that we celebrate our Mothers;) Some of us even get to celebrate being a Mother. I am now a Mother of four, three boys & a little girl..The children just make my day! Hopee just wanted to be hugged and lifted up into my arms constantly...looking ever so pretty with Grandma's diamond earrings-wink* and a pretty, pink dress! She is growing up so fast! She tries to catch up to the boys & cousins...running around and giggling. Truly, one has not experienced it all, until she has Mothered a boy and girl...cause' men and women are different, even as children!

I hope you all enjoyed your day.

I hope for comfort & peace to those who have lost a Mother..

I hope for those who wait to become Mothers..

I hope for those who wish to Mother more so..

The most beautiful words I have ever heard; was when my Pastor once said, "GOD loved Jesus so much, that he wanted him to have a Mother!"

Sniff, sniff...boy did this hit me hard.


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The Megerle's said...

Beautiful words from your pastor...just beautiful!!!