Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still no Progress..

Well its been quiet on the blog blog...but there has been much activity behind the scenes. First and foremost WE LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!! Yippeeee...and we're getting better too!

We have been sponsoring a little girl in China that we have fallen in love for and we began looking into the agency that handles her region. But...even though she was in our hearts-she's being adopted! Which is wonderful for her and we get to be apart of it by helping her get foster care...and I have concluded, that God may be using her to prepare our hearts for the daughter who will be ours....soooo that was a little bit of agency drama.

We are officially going with CCAI-Chinese Children Adoptions International.

We have not sent out the papers yet because something always pops up that prevents us from getting these papers sent out! Grrrr....its frustrating...I am starting to recall this race...and China is getting more complicating too because we will have to translate the post placements!!!! Ughhh.

This may sound so redundant but we've never been more sure about adopting from China! We both are on board equally which is great! So it doesn't matter how long this takes God's preparing all of us well.

I am selling my wedding dress and my sister has donated hers to me for this adoption as well as two other friends and I think that's pretty beautiful! I may post a pic of the wedding dresses on display for our cause;)

I will post when we finally send out these papers! I guarantee this adoption will be fun;( with lots of challenges and stress...

Please keep the Chinese children in your prayers boys & girls that are without parents.


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