Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So even though we are beginning the adoption process, I should mention that there is a little, teeny catch-I'm not 30 years old yet! China is known as a very predictable, steady, country but it does have some strict boundaries and restrictions such as age, health history and BMI (body mass). I have always considered China as a wonderful ministry for adoption but I was not qualified to adopt from there because you have to be atleast 30 + and I think not older than 55 when the child comes home. As well as income specifics...a net of $10 000 per child. Most agencies do accept 29 1/2 year old clients as it is recommended to start the immigration and homestudy process. Knowing my husband, we will need the 5-6 months dossier compilation time anyway...but waiting this time is fun when you already are busy with a bunch of kiddies any how! Time will fly...The agency has social workers in Fl and a Fl branch, so this worked out. My dossier on the other hand, will not be able to be sent to China until I turn 30 in March 2013! will be a cool birthday God willing! Our travel count down will be from when I turn 30 and have an 'LID' (log in date).

More Chinese adoption terminology to come as we are just learning ourselves;)

There are some secrets that I want to share as well...since this is *my blog...

We'll call it the secrets Freddy didn't know...but God and I did know;)

*I knew we'd be open to a child with a special need one day.
*I knew when we left Russia we'd have to help another orphan(s) one day.
*I knew the burden in my heart for orphans may never go away...and we can't save them all, but God knows about the ones we can.
*I knew Hope would need a sister and raising girls is an honor for me.
*I knew that we'd go to China one day for a ministry (orphan related).
*I knew I'd turn 30 one day and even be thrilled about it;)
*I knew that our marriage and life would be different than most of our friends and family and knew we'd face criticism.
*I knew that my husband would be my soul mate and be on board with adoption.

*Mini story 1: The Never forgotten Twins
Our agency presented twins to us and it was very hard to say no! They were just beautiful! But at the time not meant for us and in fact meant for a wonderful family we got to know and are so proud of today! But I never forgot those twin girls because I felt something very deep inside me that I couldn't make sense of...but I think I know today. I have always wanted twin girls! Shhh Fred doesn't know-  he'd faint! But it's true! And when I saw those girls I knew there was something special and familiar about them. It may have just been my yearning for twins, it may have been that they were sisters that needed to be together, it may have been that one had a special need and I felt that need was very minor and felt I could deal with it...and it may even be the s/n we face with Mei Mei in China. Ta Da! God your Great!

*Mini Story 2:  My Cambodian Dreams
We watched a documentary of Cambodian children; specifically little girls, that just knocked me off of my feet that night! The horror of children growing up in such poverty, that they were being sold as slaves! I think I cried all night and mourned all day! Who could go on living without ever giving those children a thought? I knew we had to adopt. God blessed us with our boys but we were going to honor God by taking in His girls. It turns out though, that Cambodia is not an easy country to adopt from! It is a very unstable program;( Can you believe how much worse it gets for these children? There is terrible crime on children in every country, including our own which may be the biggest secret and corruption of all...since most of the third world countries evil business' can't run unless rich Americans/Canadians/Europeans fund them! This angered me more...and after deep searching I fell in love with the country of Kazakhstan. I'd stare at pictures for hours at night while searching the web (hmmm I wonder why). But at the time, Kazakhstan had changed a lot, you could no longer request a girl, because they were back logged because of China's back log for girls. It would be Moscow, Ru. that we'd adopt from and find our 'Cambodian girl' and now it will be China where we find our Mei Mei...I see a very clear connection between our past, present and future destinations. Most importantly, I see the Lord at work in our lives...and I think at times, we just have to open our eyes and ears to really hear and see to understand Him. During the first adoption there were so many signs that we this second time around we just feel things..and we both know what we have to do...but its not easier...God always has a higher standard than we do...and so sometimes its even harder, and even daunting...but I have a feeling that God wants it that way. To rely on Him more and less on ourselves... What is Faith without works? (James) It is also said that God must test us with little things before He can trust us with bigger things...and Mei are a much bigger thing for us and we are honored God.

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