Friday, October 5, 2012

God finally says China!

Well you probably think I am nuts by now and I was starting think so too...when again we couldn't make the dates for the MAPP classes, and when we thought no big deal we'll start in January...and maybe 'host an orphan for Christmas'...that led to more confusion and some prayers. Should we host for a Ukrainian orphan or host an older China all came down to me saying 'God...I don't know what you want me to do' I'm giving it to you!

Today is a very special day for us-because I got a phone call from my dear sister that she had something to tell me...and in my heart I knew it was going to be big! She told me 'its China Jeannie....its China that God is calling you for! Any other direction has been a distraction....

What? Really? I tried to stop thinking of China..and thought I had succeeded? When my husband and I listened to more of what she had to say, we knew she was right....its always been China!

So I am sorry for all my blabber and nutty posts.....even though fostercare is a wonderful thing to do and it should be done....Hope needs a sister...and she will be from China. Its probably the only way to give her a sister that will truly be her other half as I am with my sister.

There has been a name that has been crossing my mind for the past month...and yes we have her name for the world to know already....She will be our precious Faith,....coming to this family near you!

We do not have an agency yet....we have some in mind with where God has tugged us..but we'll wait for His confirmation on this too....the little girl will have a slight special we are in prayer about this also. I pray that you will join us on this blessed journey to our second daughter.

Hope even told our Sunday class that Mommy was going to 'go get' her a baby sister...who in fact will be her 'Mei mei'.....I'm still shaking with fear and excitement for us and this girl who God is calling us for.

A command for all is James 1:27

Purest religion is the taking care of orphans and widows in their discomfort and despair.

The Bible mentions orphans a minimum of 350 times!!!

We hear you Lord....we hear you.

Little red chinese threads coming to a blog near you...cause we're officially tangled!

We fly out tomorrow with the peace of mind that our daughter is waiting in China, and we will have 3 weeks to pray about an agency. God is going to lead us I know He is-In San Francisco....there is a China town and a Chinese Baptist church there, that I was already thinking about even before the *call! feels like really does to think about another angel being given to us from a far.

Please pray for us and our children-that this journey be nothing but a blessing to us and them. China requires 1 trip that we'd love to take the whole family on this time.

Also, we have neighbors who are true friends to us and they too need prayers and may have been bitten by an adoption bug for a little ukrainian girl or possibly with us in China....please pray for the parents being called to paper-chase-travel for their fatherless angels. We love you Yolanda & Gary! xox

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