Thursday, September 13, 2012

California Here We Come!

Some quick updates: We will be signing up for MAPP classes with 4Kids of South Florida. I was not able to take the Trees of Hope class because Freddy's job is requiring him to go to California for 3 weeks and we're tagging along with him.

Freddy and I will also be going to Chicago this weekend for one day!

This is a very busy month for us-Freddy is also a year older this month;)

Our friend/neighbor-just had a heart attack! Yes, you read right...the same person with the dreams just had a heart attack, but he is stable and recovering..he is still having the dreams and gave us all a scare including himself. He is eager to get back and start truly working for God's his exact words. He was not a religious person this is quite miraculous. I'll keep you updated, so that all of us can be encouraged by faith.

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Laura Jones said...

Oh, missed you! Let us know when you get to Chicago next as Logan would love to see Hope!