Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here is an update on our 3 year old daughter Hope...I mean Elizabeth? No Hope!

Hope's dolls are all named Elizabeth, it is also Hope's pretend name. No one else can use this name, she likes this name-I don't even know where she has heard it.

Hope loves to swim and is now doing so underwater-she's quite fearless.

Hope will trip or fall atleast once a day-hence the temper tantrum and endless crying.

When she gets mad she calls everyone 'uggy'...sweet girl!

Hope loves babies and she always says 'awww look how little' its like she isn't little she's 30 in a 3 year old body.

She's obssessed with make up! It's annoying at times...cause we'll look at her and think what did she do to her face now!

She dressed 5X a day-hence her room is always messy-she has a bathing suit obssession too-but its better then her 2 year old shoe obssession.

She's very caring, and nosy too. She's always commenting on our grown up discussions.

She loves baths and books and barbies.

She loves to listen to the radio and tells me to 'turn it up mom' her favorite song is 'Hosanna'

She loves to dance and tells me that is what she is-a dancer princess.

She now sleeps with us! Somehow this started in the middle of the night.

She loves our dog Ryder and he adores her...they are both inseperable, and he's always growling if we go near her when she sleeps.

She loves her grandmothers Nana and Yaya and they love her!

She tells me she loves me every 5 minutes and always blames Noah for everything, but if we get mad at Noah she gets mad at us!

She's pickier these days about what she eats-and includes ketchup with everything.

She and daddy like to eat donuts for breakfast when mommy isn't looking!

She draws alot of things and writes her name and hangs them up herself-we're still trying to figure out what the art means-ha.

She always wears shorts under her skirts or dresses (I admire this about her alot)

She's creative with her clothese and does a good job putting herself together.

We just cut more of her hair (she wanted to after I did the boys') her hair is growing fast and we're trying to thickin it out by cutting the ends gradually.

Sometimes I think Hope will be the only girl in our family because of all the attention she requires....she's quite dramatic and demanding at times-she'll grab on to our legs or arms and hang there till she gets her way!

She always thanks me when I do her hair and says let me see in the mirror mom what you did...I follow her into her room and catch her twirling around in front of the mirror-she says "I'm a beautiful!"

Yes you are Hope...yes you are.

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