Friday, April 3, 2009


My mother in law Esperanza (Hope), decided a great Easter present for the boys would be birds (Cockatiels). We have a boy & girl (course I'd still get a boy right?). Skip & Angela..cute; guess those were the twins I was referring to, never had birds before, so this should be interesting. Today I observed on the photosite some of the most beautiful babies born in 20 new pics of these precious girls. I am excited again..anyone of those girls would be a blessing to us. I can't believe we are ready with all our paperwork, and that we are just waiting for my swearing in..that has to be God! For some reason, my timing has to be this way, and I respect that. I guess someone knows that when I try to do things my way, it is so impulsive & emotional rather than rational & logical. I am glad that he is looking our for us..especially my husband Freddy! The boys need to be done with school and in the same school, rather than this nutty double school thing that we did for Mackenzie, just so that he could attend at 4. We will probably just have to redo the medicals & maybe the financial part will be for the already does look better!

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