Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Sale;)

Okay guys we are getting ready to do yard sale # 2...GROANNNNN! On Saturday, April 25-we will begin at 7am and end around 1-2pm. Hope the weather permits it, as it is very necessary because we are sending off our Dossier in May!

I feel weak just thinking about being on my feet and trying to keep things organized and people happy/pleased..yikes.

Freddy did get a part time job for this adoption, so that we wouldn't have to do yard sales..guess he feels sorry for me..I feel sorry for him..but he seems happy and thinks its no big deal...sigh when your in love all is possible;)

Speaking of love, I guess sending off our Dossier will be our Anniversary present this coming May (8 years). We will go out and eat and hopefully celebrate (God willing) that we are on our way to getting a little girl of our very own.

Forgive me if my posts these days are a little spacey, I am a little dazed and confused. I really am trying to pull together; but in between day dreams and getting my kids to school (the daily war at our house), and our kids' karate lessons, and family parties..I feel like its endless work. I mean Don't even get me started on the details of the house's situation!

Today I sent off our marriage certificate to the secretary of state of Nevada for an apostille..should be interesting, my first experience at the whole apostille thing.

Wish me luck..hope I did it right!

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findingourdaughter said...

Hey! Hope the garage sale was a huge success!! Let me know how it went!
Hugs and God bless,