Thursday, April 16, 2009

I-600A SENT!!!!

Okay, today is very EXCITING!!

Even more than yesterday..We sent off the I 600A application, (petition to bring an Orphan to America)!!! I am so jittery..hmm could be the third cuban coffee I had today..I also sent off two packages to a Bulgarian Orphanage, hoping I could send a little bit of Love their way (thank you Jesus for your guiding light).

I also applied to rush my American Passport...YEAHHH! Finally! Three weeks is considered a rush, yikes! Anyhoo I know God is with us and I pray for his guidance and blessing on this adoption. I felt myself so excited and wanting to rush the papers off, and then I would feel myself start to feel fearful and think, what if its too soon? What if we're not ready? Emotionally, physically..or worse,..financially? AHHHHH! STOP ALREADY..something said inside me..its on God's time he knows when we will be ready all we can do is our part and pray. Now we plan on finishing up our Dossier, and getting them notarized & apostilled (don't ask) and hopefully getting it there to russia before they're all on vacation!


Guys any Comments are welcomed & encouraged..thank you everybody for your words, patience & kindness.

God Bless.


findingourdaughter said...

One step closer! You will get there....little by little!
Hugs! So excited for you!! When we received our immigration approval letter, I jumped up and down screaming at the neighbors think I'm crazy, LOL!

Christine said...

Congrats! You are on to the next step!