Monday, April 27, 2009


I finally got my American passport..YEAHHHHHH!

It got here in only one week! Wow that is God's timing! Okay, so it's not my best picture..but its me:)

Speaking of pictures, check out Dad & Mack, hanging out in the 'Boys Club House' no girls being pushed around here.

Also, the garage sale was a success..we didn't make as much as the last one, but I wasn't as prepared either..we kind of just threw it together and made it happen; and we got through somehow..and went home happy!

Thank You God!


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findingourdaughter said...

Yeah.....NOW you can travel!! Rick's came back super fast 1 week, of course we expedited it, thinking we needed it find out last week that we didn't need it that soon.......oh well, at least it is done and we have it renewed. You should see his picture....I'm sure he'll be detained for questioning.....he looks like a thug, LOL!