Sunday, August 23, 2009


Okay, so school starts up again (very good thing). Tomorrow we have our FBI prints to do, and on Thursday, we have our USCIS prints to do (again); hopefully, it gets taken care of this time. Freddy also needs a new passport, because the one he has now is quite mangled....So quite a busy and exciting week, we're also helping our friends move and paint (yeah), which I know will make this week fly by! I am checking the Data Base (where Russia posts children that are available for adoption) quite often lately, dunno why guess its the only thing that gets me to smile these days? And let me tell you that there are so many beautiful children in Russia, and more people should adopt! I wish we could adopt more children..also, for some reason this sounds strange, but I really would like a little girl with a birthday in August/September/October like my mom and husband...its just because our boys and nephews birthdays all follow from dec,Jan,Feb, it would be nice to have a Fall baby..but of course I really don't mind what her Birthday will be, I am just expressing how 'refreshing' it would be to have a 'break' in bewtween months, and have her birthday in a much different season (financially speaking also). So anyway, I got some preschool jitters, but in a very good I am going to continue organizing!

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findingourdaughter said...

yeah for school!!
I hope all goes well with your fingerprints this time!
Praying for you guys!!
Hugs and God bless!