Sunday, January 24, 2010

Packing Again

My Nona/grandmother is in town from Montreal...she always makes our days when she's in town! The days are also passing by real fast because we are occupied with 'Great Grandma.' She is very excited about Hope & my sister's new baby (due in March). As you all know I lost an uncle in July 2009; my mother's baby brother, who in which was also my Nona's she is still grieving, but her Faith is inspirational and together with our pain, we have grown closer and stronger in CHRIST! He reveals his peace to those who are needy, and even with HAITI, we don't know why, but he does.

I have been slowly trying to put things together in our suitcase. As you can tell, just like last trip, this is my packing style, especially for such an upcoming important trip! There is just so much that needs to be thought about and included. Hope's clothing,bottles,binkies,snowsuit. Then its the orphanage needs of clothes,toys etc. Our court clothes, and clothes for 2 weeks worth (warm & bulky clothes at that).

We sent off our visas via rush..which equals more expensive! I hope these dates stick, because if its earlier, we're doomed, cause I have Visa entry for Jan.31 the earliest.

We'll have to just pray it rolls smoothly again.

This book I am reading (Raising Adopted Children) is really making me understand alot! We will be fortunate enough, to visit Hope for ten days, every day to observe her schedule & behavior, prior to her coming in Mommy & daddy's custody. We have been told to try and not introduce too much change at first, and this only makes sense. My husband is dedicating some volounteer hours along with my brother David to 'Kids in Distress'...we plan on attending an 'Adoption Support Group' this Wednesday coming up; that, they have there 'Free of Charge' (some good things really are free;)..and it was Fred's idea (strangely), so I am excited to do this with him and hope to learn something there too!

What else, what else? Guess we're just excited to return to Russia! We will feel like veterans now (less intimidated), and I vow not to let people push me around any more! But I can't promise that we won't eat at McDonald's again..hehe.

Today we plan on taking Nona on a boat ride for lunch. We hope to get great pictures of the family (wow to have Great grandma here from Canada too in the pics) how AWESOME for HOPE! She will see these pics on her BDAY celebration (even if it won't be exactly on the date).




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Kevin said...

Congrats!..Looks like we will be in Russia around the same time. We have our court date in St Petersburg on January 28th and praying the 10 day wait period is waived. If not, I will be going back by myself to finish up the paperwork and bring him home. Keep in touch and post pictures as soon as you can of your baby girl.

Kevin O