Saturday, January 16, 2010


Guys I have been so taken by what is going on in Haiti..that I almost feel guilty thinking about Russia. Haiti is so sad right now..and I just feel like they are not getting their help fast enough. Watching the children suffering there, has given me a very heavy heart these days. I hope they do grant them the 'PeterPan' and bring them into the U.S.A. These children need families...I don't want to carry the burdens of the world, because I alone can do nothing..but that won't stop me from praying though..please pray for Haiti...I repeat, PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI..ALL OF US!
if we all add Haiti in our prayers regulary..we can help. As well as the monetary donations...heck if we can bring another child here along with Hopee..I'd be willing. Whatever I can do GOD..let me know.

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