Monday, July 12, 2010


For me that is!

I had previously mentioned, about going back to school to finish my degree in nursing(RN)-and I usually do what I say I am going to do..wink*

Cannot lie and tell you it has been easy with four screaming children who are constantly BORRRED! Sheesh..but I am determined. My daughter has inspired me to be all that I can be for her and the boys...and with such an unsure world-its better to just be prepared!

My Uncle Arturo has been gone for exactly a year now (this past July 11th) feels as though it was only yesterday that our hearts were shattered with such stunning pain...pain that almost caused me to give up on Russia & Hope;(

I PRAISE GOD for his FAITHFUL LOVE & STRENGTH for my family...Arturo's murder has not been solved yet...but its in GOD's hands. Knowing this, doesn't always take the pain away, but it helps me wake in the morning...and it helps me seize the days and moments with my family & precious children.

Leave the world's UGLY outside..a voice whispers...Freddy you have been too good to me..putting up with my bad days;( I can't imagine my life without are such an incredible man, husband & father...I love you baby!

GOD BLESS YOU GUYS xox Hope your summer has been as special as ours Amen.

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Jeanette said...

Good luck with school! The only way I would be able to go back to school is if my little cling-on went with me :)

So sorry about your uncle. It must be difficult to relive it all on the anniversary of his death.