Monday, August 26, 2013


I was quite tired yesterday after 2 games of baseball our 6 year old son Noah's first season. He's looking great so far! This is also our first week back at school also looking great! Well, this week even gets better, because we finally sent off our dossier for final review, translation and then off to CHINA! Wow, was this ever a pain to do! Please remind me of these birth pains if I ever bring up thoughts of doing this again. My husband has even warned me about it...hehehe. I know it will be a heartache to see children left in cribs after we leave. I am so open for as many children as God allows...but it truly would also depend on my husband Freddy....we'll let God work on Him. My 11 year old son already wants to move to Haiti, so I figure we could afford to raise 25 children in Haiti? All jokes aside, sending off this dossier was such a relief! I have been responsible for most of the paperwork and so getting it out of here feels oh so good. I am also tutoring this year, and there is a lot of preparation needed for I truly recommend it for those contemplating homeschooling, especially if this is your first year. It has been such a blessing to our family. It is also the first time in my life that God has aligned all of my desires and dreams for my children as well as missionary work in one package. Its always been hard for me to understand that my children are my first ministry and everything else second. I truly admire mothers who get that right the first time around. I have to admit that it was difficult for me, and I am so glad that God has fixed that in me! Praise God, I tell you its a true testimony in my life-one of many. As well as this little girl Faith who has entered our hearts and the leading up to it. God will call you and you will know it! My husband often speaks of having another little girl and how wonderful it will be (Hope is his biggest fan). I think we are all starting to sense how 5 is the magic number for us and that it will work well for us. I know there are a lot more steps ahead of us from here on out, visas, getting LOA in China, and so on....but I also know it will all be perfect according to Him-He is making all things new...Revelations 21:5. So updates to come....and I am really stinking in the picture'd think I'd have a fancy phone (I don't) or that I'd have a good camera (I don't)...I also forget to charge it usually:( I need to try harder. So hopefully pics to come.

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Jeanette said...

Great news! One big step closer!