Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exercise & Waiting

Our papers were sent last week to get certified by the Secretary of state, in Tallahassee. I am expecting it to get here any day now...We still have to make copies and then send them off to Houston, for the authentication process. Then we will need to make some more copies, before sending it off to CCAI for final review/translation- before it's sent to China. We're hoping to be LOI in China by September (our deadline was October). So these are the final, grueling, moments, where we are holding our breaths, before the deep sigh of relief. Homeschooling begins August 29, and it ends in November-we're hoping that we will travel around this time without worry. Its like jumping hurdles, it can be I've started working out today to get into better shape! Freddy and I have agreed to lose a few pounds...not that we're totally motivated, but we do need to start before it will really be hard for us, to shed these cookie dough pounds. It sure will help with the energy levels, focus and add some fun for the kids-they laugh so hard when they see me trying to work out to TAE-BO!

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