Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meeting Santa...

So we arrived home yesterday from Disney! Taking Hope this second time around was soooo much better...she just was aware of everything and the characters, the fireworks..which frightened her at first but by the end she was clapping;) She just loved the rides so much. It was just pure joy watching her..I really recommend taking a child atleast 18mth-2yrs to Disney, so they can really get something out of it, but every child is just never have enough time at Disney and when you go in a big party its very difficult to all comply and stay was magical anyway for many reasons. I had my uncle's little girl in the same photos with my children and my nephews..that in itself is a magical experience! AMEN! God is soo good!

When we finally got home (Hope hates long drives, she complained the whole time lol). I decided to add to the excitement and get them all bathed and dressed to see Santa! I made sure not to put Hope onto Santa's knee, I asked the boys to first go to Santa and let Hope go to him herself...she was excited at first..but as she got closer she kind of cringed and just stuck her hand out and waved 'Hi', then I asked her to sit on her big brother Frederick's knee, and that was better for her, but because she kept slipping off they set out a little chair for her. The staff from Santa's workshop were the same as last year, and they remembered us-that we were waiting for Hope...and they were just in disbelief and awe that we finally had her..and just how beautiful she is;) Awwwwwww I'm gushing again haha! It is such an honor to have my four kids really. To have three boys and a girl,...I couldn't have asked for a better order of children, (more or less) I am just so happy with our kids. Around Christmas, it is really difficult to budget for buying..because I just wanna spoil them so much! I guess we really are Santa huh?

Blessings! All of them...all these children that God makes are pure Blessings!

I will post Disney pics a lil later...

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