Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well...aside from Fred hacking into my blog;)...all has been awesome! I have been doing some Christmas shopping..can't say its been easy with 4 kids..but its been fun too. I just want to buy the whole girl section of the toy store;) I have been buying then returning...coocoo...I know..but I just can't help it! Hope has just surprised us by her vocabulary these days! You ask her what her name is and she hits herself on the chest and says "HAP" haha...its so crazy adorable! When I was bathing her, and I dropped the soap she says "fall down?" And when her brothers are annoying her she yells "MAAAAAHHHHH" and points at Noah and complains (its always Noah) in her baby! Its hilarious! Quite a mature young lady! She poopoopied three days in a row in the pottie, and has us quite impressed, never have seen a child so consistant!

Little Hopee, has this annoying habit recently (grr..can be dangerous too), when I am in the kitchen talking or preparing something, she climbs into her high chair to sit down near me and listen to all that is going on-NOSSSSSY GIRL!

When I redirect her to watch t.v. she gets annoyed with me and calls me names I guess her bla bla bla. Hope's favorite program is Sesame Street and she loves Elmo & Abby..atleast she can sit and watch t.v. for a while. She takes naps everyday as well for about 2 hours-she's super moody when she wakes up though! And when I am on the is Hap!

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Catherine and Christopher said...

Ha! so so cute. Already potty training...amazing. When I open your blog it starts out with a purple background - easy to read but then becomes essentially white on white - have you had this problem?