Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Travel Itinerary

Our trip has been slightly delayed;/ but I think in a good way. We were planning on traveling to Beijing the 25th to arrive the 26th-but flights are heavy!!! Also, after going to a concert the other day, and listening to our children complain about the Florida weather being too chilly, something told my heart that the Great Wall of China with kids in January,...uhmmm not a good idea! My husband and I are bummed, but we have visas good for a year, we can always return next year for the wall? So now there's been a slight adjustment to our itinerary and we've opted out of the tours. We will instead stay focused on the mission of Faith! 12/26/2013 Leave 6am for Newark-Beijing 12/27/2013 Arrive in Beijing China 3pm 12/29/213 Leave for Zhenghou (Capital of our daughter's province Henan) 12/30/2013 GOTCHA DAY! 1/8/2014 We take our family oath in Guangzhou We are still in the booking of Hotels, process because we will not be in a specific group with other CCAI folks. China considers us already, a good sized group I guess? If you have any advice, please let me know! As I am still sick with this cold and I am sure it is stress related. Has anyone else ever travelled to China during Christmas time? I really wanted a picture of Faith and Santa, guess they won't have post Christmas Santa's in China? Bummer.

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