Monday, December 2, 2013


Tomorrow our Article 5 will be picked up and we will soon have travel dates (TA)...I can get into what an article 5 is...but its too complicated and I still, really don't have a clue myself:)

I just know its getting picked up tomorrow because our agency has set pick up dates. It will take approximately another 2 weeks for TA....sigh. We hear there are variations and its really in God's hands.

Our visas are scheduled to return to us December 9th.

And on another note: I never posted Halloween pictures of the kids and thought I'd give you an update on how they are doing thus far and how they feel about China travels.

Hope was Merida (Brave): She's doing great and loves to twirl and dance. We tease her and tell her we're going to China for a little brother...she gets quite upset and says NO MORE BOYS IN THIS HOUSE! I want a SISTER! It cracks us up every time-we're terrible! We're hoping she can put the pieces together with her own beginning.
Mackenzie was a ninja: He is 10 years old today!!! men are growing up to be quite handsome. He's such an easy going child and we are very proud of him! He is excited for China, and says he's looking forward to being mistaken for Justin Bieber....hence the do.
Noah was a ninja: and he just lost his first tooth yesterday at auntie's house....he feels relieved to finally lose teeth like his brothers. His reading has improved drastically, and he is just so sweet! He is excited for China and he says he wants Faith home already.
Frederick was a puppet/jester: He is super excited for China and he will be given the challenge of blogging and video shooting. We think this is going to be an awesome experience for him. He is at a very cool age....and its great to be parenting such a cool kid with a big heart.

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