Saturday, December 28, 2013

Still not in China

Well we did arrive in Tokyo but we were not in time for our flight connection and there were not enough seats for the second flight, to Beijing. So after an exhausting fourteen hour flight, we just could not go on any further. We stayed the night in Japan sighhhhh. We are also officially off schedule with CCAI in China! I don't think I could cry because of the jet lag, and I was very thankful that the kids were well behaved and had ate well on board....but Freddy and I are seriously, bummed out! Today we have a flight leaving to Beijing, I pray we get on the first catch the train to Zhengzhou, but regardless of when we arrive, we'll be late for our meeting with CCAI staff:( At this point, we just need to be there by the 29th in order to meet our daughter the 30th!!! Yes, we need prayers...mostly, for our stress and for our children who are going through this with us. Thank you guys for the support. God bless you xoxoxo

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Jeanette said...

oh the stress!!!!!! Slow and steady wins the race... I guess :( Sorry you are going through this. At least you know that Faith is being taken care of and in a place that is familiar and comfortable. Prayers being sent!