Thursday, December 26, 2013


We made it to Newark and all six of us got to ride first class-it all seemed so smooth. And I could remain silent and just hope for the best...but that wouldn't be real and right now, I need to be real for my sanity and record, of this journey to Faith. We then got bumped off the Beijing flight! We panicked and decided to try Honk Kong, but again got bumped! And it wasn't until we were canceling our Beijing reservations; that it really started settling in my mind, of how severe this is. My husband started telling me that flights are really bad, and that maybe we should split up and meet in Beijing. Great! Seperate in a foreign country. This is crazy...I keep hearing this in my head. I try to ignore it, but the obstacles are raising their ugly, green head. I finally just broke down and cried when we checked into Newark Airport's Marriot tonight. I did not think this was where we were going to end up tonight. I wanted to sleep crouched up on a plane-to beijing! I know God's got His plan for us tonight and we're trying to see it and be enthusiastic about it. Freddy is so stressed, I feel so bad for him. Our children I must say, have been very good and understanding. They have been very enthusiastic and comforting to us. It has been a long day. Tomorrow we are looking into a flight to Japan that will then route, to Beijing. We are buying these tickets, so that we can leave the states and be a country closer to Faith.International adoption is very time sensitive, and this has made us very nervous to be off schedule like this:( Believe me, the fear has started to creep up in my throat and its so terrible to feel so helpless and so far away from your baby, all at the same time. Please pray for us and this mess that we're in. Praise God and His ways. Amen

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Jeanette said...

Oh gosh :( So sorry. I don't handle this kind of stuff well at all. Keep the faith! You'll get there.