Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some more waiting time...

Our visas have returned to us and we have started, gathering and packing some. Of course, we do have time to unpack and pack again? Travel Approval timeline, is anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and its already been one week since our Article 5 pick up date....sighhhhh. We have been invited to everyone's Christmas party, which has been a blessing in giving us time to fellowship and smile...but no doubt, this kind of waiting is awful for me! People keep asking and we keep repeating "any day now"'s like when your 40 weeks pregnant and you look like you're about to pop and probably, feel like you're going to pop too. I think I have already broken down and cried enough for 2013. Just the other day, while I was driving Hope to ballet, I thought this adoption can pretty much be summed up as when I gave birth to Noah. Oh yes, I remember the contractions quite clearly and I just knew with all my complications in those moments, that it would be the last time, that I birth a child this way. I also have been thinking about Mary a lot lately, and just how she labored Jesus. I have been thinking about her sufferings, social pressures and her lack of resources....but I have been thinking about her rewards too for being so faithful to God's will for her life! Hopefully the next post will be our TA (travel Approval) with confirmed dates and until then I leave you with this wonderful song about our Savior. I heard this song before I picked up Hope and recently, I just heard this song this past Monday that reminded me of Faith; our gift from God and our opportunity to see Jesus' face through His precious children. Those who receive God's gift are orphaned no longer.

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