Friday, December 6, 2013

Wishing for a family for Christmas

From the orphanage:“Holden” was born with Albinism and is aging out of the orphanage. He is a very sweet young man who likes to help others and this is evident in many photos. His file also states that he helps the children in the orphanage by feeding them “delicious food” and entertains them by singing to them! He has a heartwarming list of adjectives describing his personality: handsome, kind-hearted, helpful, obedient, smart, good with younger children, social, optimistic, polite, and friendly. In addition, he likes to sing and play sports and does well in school. He seems comfortable in his own skin, and we think he is a pretty cool kid!
Holden" is on the shared list at the CCCWA. Our friend in advocacy is Annie Hamlin with Lifeline Children's Services, and she welcomes communication for more information about adopting from China, older child adoption, or to help families review the adoption file for “Holden."

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