Friday, October 4, 2013

Waiting for our Baby Faith

I realize today, that it has already been over a year of waiting and preparing for our youngest  daughter Faith. The conception of her birth into our lives is nothing less than a miracle. I remember being certain that four was the magic number for us and that one princess would be plenty already. But this year has truly been a tidal wave of a year, in only the right direction for our family. The direction that is headed for a special journey, to a special girl. Just yesterday, I caught Freddy looking at her precious photo and I realize, just how this waiting time is so difficult on all of us and that this family truly is not complete without our youngest baby girl. Waiting for our letter of acceptance (LOA) from China has been the slowest of moments yet, because at this point, there is nothing else for us to physically do in this adoption process. We are just waiting and she is just waiting...ugghh!!! Halloween is around the corner and then Thanksgiving...and I just keep praying, God please do not allow us to be here for Christmas...I don't think I can bear it...the process of presents and decorations and to think of our baby sitting in an orphanage still, along with other babies who may never receive gifts or a family-ever! Do not let us endure this and at the same time, let us ruin Christmas for our children and extended family by our misery of waiting. Please Lord connect our family with our baby girl this Christmas, let us change her Christmas the way we changed Hope's that year in Russia, December of 2009 view it here
 Please God show us your way and your will this Christmas for us and our daughter Faith.

Please pray for our family:

Our focus and strength and patience, peace and understanding during this process.

We did not receive one of the grants we applied to but are praying for the others we applied to.

We pray to receive our LOA soon and travel in December with our four children and pray for smooth travels.

We pray to raise more money for the orphanage donation portion of our adoption fees.

Please most importantly, pray for Faith's health and well being while she waits on us.

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