Thursday, September 19, 2013

No More Training Wheels!

As you know our daughter Hope is a tough cookie! She commenced the day falling off of a curb at C.C (Classical Conversations) and she didn't make a squeak about it-which is rare, because she is loud! Then when we arrived home, she decided that she wanted to ride her bike-without the training wheels! I was really too tired to fathom the idea of her attempting this today. But then I saw her really trying and struggling, and then I felt a rush a little girl is not so little anymore:( So Freddy got out the camera, and I started to chase after her and hold her tight until she was ready to let go...and she let go sooner than I could have ever imagined! Sure enough, the girl was pedaling at top speed...she had one safe crash in our fire hydrant, but then she quickly got the hang of the breaks. She's bias here;) I can't believe she's riding her two wheel bike already! She is a wild concerns me at times. But she has started ballet and she is doing very well, I am so impressed with her and her ballet teacher. What they have already accomplished together is amazing. I was watching her in the window and I just could not fight the tears, the miracle of my children amazes me. God's grace on our lives, amazes me and I don't acknowledge or thank Him enough for what He has given me in this life. It must be true, we are the children of Royalty, because all that I have is beyond earthly riches and treasures.

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