Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ABOUT CCAI CCAI-Chinese Children Adoption International Rated one of the top international agencies for China! Their pricing and process is very humble and you feel as though they know you personally-they have a branch here in Florida and in Colorado (main branch). They are now conducting adoptions in Haiti and have been one of the few, successful agencies in Haiti. They are still conducting 'non-special needs adoptions in China as well, despite the waiting time increasing 6-8 years now unless you have Chinese/Taiwan heritage. Their special needs program (we are in this program) is just amazing! Because they really care about these kids! 83% of China's orphans are special needs; needs as minor as a cleft palate, heart murmur, missing limb/differences/burns and port wine stain-are all considered special needs. These were not considered special needs in the Russian program. We were matched almost immediately! It knocked us off our feet! We never received a photo before with our referral as well as so much documentation on a child like China does. CCAI works in all of the China provinces, and have their own orphanages in the Henan province (our daughter's province) and therfore, are better cared for by their trained and caring staff-Faith's orphanage is very nice and well kept with adequate toys and nutrition. While other aganecies compete with eachother in the same provinces/orphanages; CCAI, does not need to and offers you more flexibility in decision making and resources for your decision. You can even sponsor your child for updates while in the process and there is never any pressure. You can also send numerous care packages to your child. CCAI cares about these children and want the best match for these children and their needs and not the parents needs. When we recieved that first phone call-I was very hesitant and pessimistic...reminded myelf that this is a special needs program, and we may not be matched anytime soon since we're only willing to take in very, very, minor-medical needs. We have Aetna insurance, and we are all so healthy, bringing in medical issues into our family was not a decision we jumped into lightly. We then recieved an email, shortly after the phone call...and Freddy somehow was quick to get out his camera when she appeared on the screen! A face with a smile and a little body full of strength....she peirced right through my heart that afternoon-my daughter! We had just returned home from Haiti and so I was already overwhelmed enough...but meeting my daughter was such a blessing God had hidden for me. I could never imagine a more beautiful child...never! God made perfection when He made Faith. I don't care what her medical reports says she may not be able to walk one day on her own...but she is running now and laughing now and calling out to her mama in a mini video that they also sent us. We had contacted *FIVE doctors! Yes, 5! Because our minds and hearts are so wicked at times; as the information settles in, you start to think no its too good to be true! This child is diagnosed with something! The rejection begins, the devil starts to play games with God's plan. Two out of the 5 expert opinions gave us the ok to Faith's diagnosis of meningocele/spina bifida; a medical condition, we checked 'maybe' on...but God had prepared my heart way before this with other friends, aquaintances, and blogs that I had stumbled the time we were even sponsoring a little girl with the same diagnosis;( Please never think your life is an accident...and that you carefully planned out your children and family...because it simply is not accurate. God planned *you out, and He planned out your life in a way that would glorify Him and His mercies, His kindness and His love for you and yours. I am not a good person who has a good heart on my own. I am a redeemed soul resurrected from the dead. Because of my new life in Christ, my spirit constantly hunts for His path on this earth. And you will not find His treasures in places that are popular with mankind. You will only find His Gold, His Silver and His Diamonds in places like Haiti, in orphanages around the world and in America's Foster care system. And yes, even soemtimes, on your streets where the homeless sleep. Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.’"

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