Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picture Updates!

Freddy is currently in Colorado, and he got the privilege of visiting the CCAI facility. They gave him a tour and showed him some pictures of our little girl! Of course I was super jealous and I just got them tonight! He said it was hard to fight back the tears at how big our girl has grown. She looks very healthy, Praise God. My heart does hurt to see these children without homes and especially, the gorgeous little boy sitting next to her with a limb difference;( These children are gorgeous and deserve a home and family also. Looking at these pictures definitely gives me the realization, that Faith has spent 2 1/2 years of her life in this orphanage. It is well kept and she seems to be attached to her caregiver who looks so young...and I am sure God put her there to care for our little girl...but it will be so good for her to finally have a home of her own. I can imagine that she will be emotional when she leaves her caregiver and meets us....and that is why I am sure it will be best for us to take our 4 children along. Faith is wearing one of the dresses we sent her 'a little pink qipao dress' she is quite tall and seems to always be eating something;) We are told that she is 'beautiful' 'Delightful' 'tranquil'

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Jeanette said...

She's so beautiful!!! Looking forward to the pictures of her eyes lit up with joy as she plays with her siblings!!! You are so close!!!