Wednesday, September 4, 2013

China by Friday!

Hi Freddy & Jeannie, I just wanted to let you know that we received Freddy’s original Employment Letter today- thank you! It looks like we should be able to mail your dossier to China by the end of the week. We will keep you posted-CCAI. I keep saying we sent it off and that the dossier is done...but as you can see its quite a process! It seems as though despite Labor day, CCAI is going to get this done a lot sooner than we thought. We were anticipating that by next Friday it would be sent off to China (dossiers only go out Fridays). So this is very awesome! God is definitely in charge here with our timeline. These days, we sure are talking about Faith more! And I am missing her more and feeling very anxious. We're holding off on dates and events and planning for China and Christmas...or Christmas in China;) Whichever comes first of course. CCAI does send their clients in groups and they coordinate us all together. Remember, we are also 'stand by' fliers....because Freddy works for UNITED Airlines and if we are in fact travelling around Christmas, with 4 kids, this will be tricky and very expensive! So I pray we leave a lot sooner...I got the call for Hope in November and we travelled to meet her in December prior to Christmas I won't be surprised if things play out similarly;) Mackenzie is asking me if we will be in China for his birthday and if he is still getting presents;) Ahhhhh kids...of course-he's getting a sister! He had a confused look on his face with this response.

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