Friday, September 20, 2013

Cost of a China Adoption

-Agency PROGRAM FEE TOTAL: $9,150.00 -Grand Total (including travel expenses for two adults): $25,500 - $28,700 The Break down: Application Fee $200 paid First Program Fee (Includes Home Study) $3,600 paid USCIS Filing & Fingerprinting $720 plus $85/adult USCIS paid Dossier Preparation Approx. $450 Check/Money Order Secretary of State(s), Chinese Consulate in Houston paid Second Program Fee $2,450 Dossier Submission paid by *donation CCCWA Fee $775 (LOI) paid Third Program Fee $2,900 Prior to receiving child match CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee $360   Visa to enter China $140 x our family of 6 (plus courier fee) US Domestic & International Airfare $1,200 - $1,900 by coach/per adult (Freddy has flying benefits phewwwwww;)Praise God! In China Travel & Accommodations Approx. $3,300-$3,800 for two adults + our kids ughh Adoption Registration and Notarization $400 - $800 Child's Passport $100-$150 Cash Local passport agency In China Orphanage Fee Up to 35,000 RMB (Approx. $5,600-$5,700) wired to Faith's orphanage In China This is what we're *fundraising for* Food $700 - $800 per couple Child Physical & Photo $90-$120 Cash Clinic In Guangzhou, China Child U.S. Entry Visa $230 Child's Birth Certificate $20 Fundraised $1000- United Airlines contributes $2000 post adoption- We have applied to grants but no responses yet.....Please pray for us!

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