Sunday, March 7, 2010

Would you believe..

We arrive in JFK and miss our connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale! We wern't too bummed though cause we were starving for some strange reason as was Hope. We decided to feed her something completely different and yummy, hence-rice & beans (where is my common sense?)Then we snapped some pics and were thankful that our tummy's were satisfied and that we were on American soil. Then we proceeded to look for flights to catch home..options-One flight left to Ft.Lauderdale, then two to West Palm, and one to Ft. Myers...all through this Hope is lugged around some more in my kangaroo pouch..pretty happy still..her lil head bobbling and peeking around;)

Well, we can't board ft. lauderdale cause its full. Hope then had a wretched stink come from her diapers..of course poor kid it was the beans! Fred looks at me and was like "your job" I'm thinking its no biggie, yet when we get to the ladies room and I strat to undress Hopee I see that its really bad..she's a mess everywhere! I have no experience with changing girls..and so I kinda panicked, like what do I do? I know girls can get infected if they are not cleaned right-so I stripped her down and stuck her lil butt under the sink! While all the ladies put their make up on, a lil butt was starin back at them in the mirror hehe..they all sighed though..and said she had buns to die for;)

Once Hope was all clean and we returned to daddy at the gate, we had already gotten bumped off of West palm Beach..and only had Ft.Myers as an option...ughhhh its 2 hours from Ft. lauderdale..which means we'll have to rent a carrrrrr...groaaaan....hope's just experiencing everything huh? So-we ended up boarding Ft.Myers since it was empty..nd we rented a car & carseat for Hope. She enjoyed the ride...Fred slept..I drove..I was very sleepy..but because I slept some with Hope (yep she slept more too)on the plane..I was better off driving than Fred who slept non on the plane.

Well, we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale by the Grace of God alone, at 2am March 6th. Where we were greeted by balloons, and gifts and a door banner with Hope's name...but everyone was sleeeeeping....though when we entered the grandma's awoke and hurridly came down the stairs to meet the new addition;)

We all went to bed like 3 hours later...our children were in our bed about 2 hours of sleep later..but it was great! Hope was awake too..and the kids hugged and kissed her and were very impressed by her beauty;) She was so delighted by all the attention. We were thrilled to have all of our children together at last...HomeSweetHome.

We really wanted to meet our family at the Ft.Lauderdale airport...and have that wonderful first family meeting after a long journey..but oh well..everyone's tale is different..oh well...ours is usual!

Guys, please excuse my spelling errors..I am trying to hurry and get everything posted before Fred comes home...cause he'll complain that I'm not getting enough sleep.(good hubby).

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