Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flight Home

Me wearing the same clothes for like the 3rd day in a row ewwiee?

Alot of the families were leaving Saturday because they thought their Embassy appointment was going to be Friday, so flights were booked. We on the other hand have the opportunity of playing with our flights because of Freddy's senority with continental, so we jumped on flying out Friday-a day that most families were not flying;)

Oh ya-did I end up telling you that we ran out of Motrin? Well, we did! Also, most Veteran PAP's felt horribly sorry for us for not packing Benadryl...guess they knew something we did not...most children freak on planes..especially, recently adopted ones!

We were driven to the airport by Vlad our driver at 9 AM to catch a flight of 12 pm. we said goodbye to Vlad for the last time...we really like Vlad! We call him Mr.Wonderful! He had translated most of our docs, and he was so informative the whole time..and sweet and just so sensitive to us and our daughter and our needs..some might say "well that's his job" but, was more..he just always gave more.

As we brought Hope out of the car and into the airport I felt so relieved. She was finally, truly mine to keep-forever. we're going to bring our girl home for real this time..she just seemed so happy and unaware of what was going long as she had her was fine. It started to snow, and we took one last pic on Russia's snow-Russia's heart-Russia's Princess...our daughter.

We were soon enough called up to board the plane, I felt myself start to worry about Hope's behavior, but tried to keep it together. We were sitting next an older lady (Obviously russian by her Aristocratic appearance) she painfully smiled in our direction-I guess dreading that she was put next to us and Hopee. She looked over once more and said 'cute baby!' I said that thank you. She then said "did you adopt her here in Russia?" I said yes (ughh)..then she said something that just really upset my stomache! She said "did you hear about the scandal that is going around?" I said no? She of course continued.."oh yes, these Americans adopted children from Russia, and now one is dead and badly beaten!" I was soooooo annoyed, cheeks felt flush, I didn't know what to believe, but she than showed me the article in the newspaper..and my heart dropped down into my what? How is this going to affect future adoptions? Why does this happen? Siggghhhh...why am I sitting next to this lady? The flight attendant came and asked the lady if she wanted a free seat by the window, and she gladly got up and left..good! Hmph!

Well after that weird situation, it was soon take off and Hope had acyually fallen my little girl is a trooper;)

Of course some more time went by and Hope awoke. We fed her and changed her and she was content. Then 'Jovann' popped up! He came and sat near us, he played with Hope's cheeks (guess they looked like entertainment;) She giggled, and enjoyed his company very much! I got to speak to his mother Paige. We spoke quite a bit, it made the time go by so much faster. we spoke about such intense things like meeting our children, our journey to them, our reasons & motivations...the exhaustion and frustrations...our Russian diets (mine sausage and corn & bread)...hers macaroni & cheese...then there was an emergency on board (this is funny). They needed a doctor or nurse on board. No one responded, again they needed a medical person on board-Fred said I had to respond! I'm a Medical Assistant Technician/Nursing Student (though I have not been in school for over 3 years)! I slowly got up and was already expecting the worse...I had just seen this instructional CPR Video in Russia coincidently (only thing interesting in english) and so, my mind was immediately thinking...shoot..this is gonna be bad I'm gonna break ribs! well I get to the back of the plane, and the staff is all panicked 9I'm not supposed to be) so I have this calm face. they already seize me up and assume I'm about 19 lol. They ask are you Medical? I said ya I guess..I look at the lady in the bathroom who is propped on the toilet, with people around her (I think-no blood)then I move everyone out, I take a look at her, she don't look good. We may have to land -if this is as bad as she looks. I just start thinking to myself 'think Jeannie think'...I look into her eyes, pupils are dilated, she was very cold and sweaty and I am thinking this sux! I ask for a blood pressure cuff, cold/wet cloths and garbage bags. he pants were unbuttoned and she obviously was wearing these tight pantyhose (which I thought cannot be helping..they kinda were a distraction). I start to ask her questions but she only spoke Russian. Her daughter was there to translate. So I communicated throught the daughter. The mother was dizzy and sick to her stomache she said she could not breathe and needed a doctor. I said I was here to help. I took her pulse and blood prssure. all seemed fine, just a bit of a rapid heart beat for a lady her age (about 50-55). Again I looked into her eyes (I can see she was not really there) but that is when she started to vommit! Two bags later of vommit, non on me thankfully, she felt better, I asked for some pneumonia salts and opened one (I was now very dizzy) but she was obviously better..sheesh thank you GOD! I told her to remove her nylons and to drink water. she told me she had drank whisky/wine/beer and her daughter said she had taken medication also...I looked at her sternly and said 'NYET'..which is more alcohol..drink water! Everyone laughed and she was sent back to her seat. I checked on her every once in a while and she was absolutley fine! When I headed back to my seat another drunk lady was in my sight. Only this time she was like 28-30 years old and she was stalking my husband and daughter....hmmm I was not enthused. She had a full glass of wine in her hands and she kept saying 'Hope is soooo pretty' (she knew my daughter's name how annoying)! She had a heavy Russian accent, and she was obviously intoxicated because she wouldnt leave my sight and began dancing! cannot be real! Finally the flight attendant told her to go back to her seat (and I added that she too should be cut off of the alcohol)..look at me all bossy;) The flight attendants were very appreciative of my help, and told us this always happens on this flight...yikes! Strangely was a confirmation that I had experienced enough of the culture and I just really wanted to go home!

The remainder of the flight, Hope slept some more! The girl was an Angel! God is too good.

Fred & I did not sleep a wink...but we did land in JFK where Hope became an American Citizen. We handed customs the menilla envelope and just breezed on by..HOOORAY!

Low and behold, we were accompanied by Paige & Jovann;)

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