Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prominading in RedSquare with our little Matrioshka

Today there was not much to do adoption related so we slept in with much needed rest. Hope had us up three times last night and it's day 2 with a fever & cough;( NOT GOOD! We're coping with Motrin and eating healthy..but this is hard. I am very tired, and I am starting to get emotional! I miss the boys and my life back home. Its hard to tend to Hope with limited things here..let alone the language barrier (if we need to buy something). Hope seems fine over all..even the doctor said so. I forgot to mention this (or did I?)..anyway, let me touch base one more time with the Doctor visit. He said hope looked great and that she had some rickets, but her medicals and vaccin records were fine and did not think she needed to be revaccinated (I kinda agree on this). I asked him if I could give her motrin for her pain, but he said he didn't believe in doing this..I have been doing it anyway, because I have never observed a child so uncomfortable during teething..the fever is not helping! Hope hates baths! She is such a wiggler! Sooooo, back to where I last was..we finally got strength to get up and eat and go for a walk on Arbat and Red Square with Hope. She loves to be on the move (she reminds me a lot of my eldest son Frederick) as well as her independance! The weather here could not be more perfect! Her cheeks were nice and rosy and she was warm in her snowsuit. though, I must say that I had originally wanted to take a stroller, Fred said no...boy do we regret this! Its perfect stroller take one! cause the carrier has given us both broken backs!!! She is not a big fan of being strapped and confined either.

We went inside GUM, took lots of pics of our little Princess and just talked over and over again about how Blessed we are to have her finally in our arms! To have these pics with Hope in them is just a Miracle in itself! WoW...we really are almost done!

Tomorrow is our Immigration interview..and then we will pack up and start our process on a flight home..dunno how that is gonna won't be easy! As you know, us PAP'S are always trying to find the signs of the attachment disorder, or orphanage delays or habbits..and I can tell you that Hope has already sparked up and over come what we thought may be an issue. She is standing on her own, climbing, chewing, curious, saying 'MaMa' and 'No' how you like that? She cries when I leave the room and smiles when I enter...she really enjoys chewing, and her bottle, I stress this, because they were only feeding the children mashed/pureed food, and had weaned her from theh bottle which is sad cause when she start to sleep she makes this sucking sound that seems to soothe her;( anyway, I need to sleep when the baby does, cause you never know what time she is going to awake next..tata..zzzzzz


Jeanette said...

The pictures are great! You don't look tired or emotional at all :) I can't believe you are almost done!!! So exciting! Sorry to hear about Hope's fever. Hopefully it will be short lived. Enjoy your last couple days.

Jackie said...

I agree with the Motrin. You are a Mama and know when a baby needs it! Just from our experience--don't be afraid to keep her on the bottle (our little fellow adopted at 14 months was reverted back to bottle by us)...he had no idea how to "use it". Great experience for all of us and he was well over two before we encouraged him to move on. Was a great chance to hold him and let him know what a "mama" and "daddy" do and provide. For the vaccines--our son's records were impressive, but I insisted and our pediatrician obliged to draw titers once home. Soo glad we did, he needed to be re-vaccinated for several. Who knows why, but glad I pushed the issue. BTW--she is a little doll!!

Anonymous said...

you guys look so cute Hope really looks like a doll she is sooo Beautiful now you have your little princess
Lilly is soo excited to meet her and play well see you soon
love you guys
p.s. motrin is fine teething hurts
kisses Michelle Lilly Alex and Ray

Anonymous said...

Cutest snowsuit photos ever...and such kissable little pink cheeks!

I totally understand just wanting to get home...especially when you're little threesome is feeling a bit off. Also, back pain is not fair - especially when you throw a russian mattress into the mix! By the time you read this it will be Thursday - you're almost there!


Chris and Celeste said...

sooooo happy for you guys. Will pray your journey home will go well and uneventful. Hope is soo cute and looks perfect. You are blessed, and so is she:)

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest baby in the world! She is sooooooo cute!!!!!!
Love all the pics - and your excellent writing. Don't know how you do it being so sleep deprived. Love following your story - brings back great memories!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are soo cute..Nice backrounds to Mascow does look nice I just the clock time there and its 3am ops and I just message you one skype.

No wonder you were tired she is too big to have her straped on your back i remeber Gio being to big at like 7mnth ...Silly and your man should of had her she soo cute now get home!

love annamaria

Laura Jones said...

Keep the faith...I'm keeping you in my prayers. Hope looks so healthy in the pictures and you all look so happy. I'm sure she'll be a doll and sleep on the plane. Thinking of you!