Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hopee Takes Five steps Today

Yes, Hope is on a roll. Today we had yet, another Doctor's appointment Blah! She got two shots, and they drew blood;( It was terrible! She was screaming and shutting down,..I felt her pain, and her panick, as I helped hold her down..she must have been so disappointed in me. Anyway, after that ordeal with 4 kids....I gave her some Motrin for pain..and she was happy again, and took five steps towards me! She's a strong girl! I must admitt, the Doctor visits after you are home, is no picnic..and yes, you still have the fears, as you wait for the results..Though at times, I almost feel ridiculous, because God won't give us what we cannot handle.


Jeanette said...

Great job, Hope!!! I'm sure she forgot all about the doctor's appt as soon she was out of there :)

The Jackson Family said...

We just now got Claire caught up on her immunizations. Thank goodness. The bills are starting to roll in for all the doctor's appt, and one of them just for blood work at the hospital when she first got home (no doctor's visit, shots, or xrays included) was $2100. Can you believe that? Thank goodness for insurance. I'll be glad to get all this behind us and just be "normal".