Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hope's finally asleep..shhhhhh!

I have managed to find some time to blog. Did not think I would be getting to blog so soon after Hope..lol but feel like I should just because of all the change that has been going on.

Hope is very attached to my husband and I..especially me. Though, sometimes she does not even want me to put her down;( Which can be difficult. Her sleeping was fine two nights ago, but last night and today its been kind of crazy! She takes these little cat naps, but then the batteries are charged again and she is wanting to no longer rest. In fact she seems quite restless. Her attention span is so short and she just wants to go go go..she does not like to be restricted! She is a feisty little thing and continues to want to climb and crawl and stand..she is determined to walk, though I feel, she may not be strong enough yet.

Today was our first visit with our pediatrician. It went well, although he is referring us to a couple of specialists to get more info on stuff. I guess because of the rickets, her fontanelle has not closed (which I have read is pretty common in post institutionalized children), but he wants more info like I said. Hope is on the 90th percentile for weight, she needs to be active, and on a consistantly healthy diet that will strengthen her bones. I now, walk to school to pick up the boys with Hope and Noah in the double jogger..its been doing us all good I think.

I am a little tired and cranky. I have not been sleeping well and of course at night I worry about Hope..I worry about the boys. Am I doing enough? Did anyone get jealous? Did they each get enough attention? Did Hope eat enough, etc.

Hope has went from no family, to an overwhelming amount of family, friends & neighbors..just all dying to finally meet her. I did not plan on overwhelming her, but felt secure enough in her development & attachment to allow this..although, I have to admitt, I am a tad overwhelmed by all the visits and questions.

I'm beginning to think, that with adoption, it never ends! The stress, the worries, the fears etc.

I am praying for all my fellow Pre-AP'S...stay strong!



Keith and Jennifer said...

I have 3 boys and brought home a feisty 2 year old girl December 12th. Hang in there it gets easier!


Jeanette said...

The one thing I worry about is a baby that doesn't sleep! I can handle most things, but need my sleep!!! I hope things get better. She probably is just still adjusting to all the news sights, sounds, people, etc. You'll get there!

Anonymous said...

I brought my 3 year old mid Dec 2009 and have a 9 year old who says at least once a day.."You love Anastasia more than me". It is hard to show all the kids the same amount of love is still there but the dynamics of how the family time is divided of couse has changed. I reassure and even snuck out early one day last week for some mama and son alone time. From all your posts it is clear you are a fantastic mom, it is early days and your little one will settle. My little sweetheart after nearly 3months is only now truly starting to be settled,less manic and happy. I thought she was earlier but now it just seems different and her interactions are more spontaneous, more eye contact, more hugs in public. She still cries if i cuddle my son but thems the breaks, momma comes at last then I gotta share her!! Good luck, trust your instincts and you will get there for sure.

Monica said...

Thanks so much for sharing SO much! We're bringing our daughter home next month so any tips on getting settled at home will be appreciated!