Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm typing in the dark so bare with me.

Hey guys! This is not the incredible post I was planning on giving you..simply because...we've been busy with Hope! She is only now* fast asleep next to her daddy...sheesh she was an active lil bugger just showing off all day..God Bless her heart! To have Faith like a child..what an awesome thing!

Anyway here are the details without the pics;( I will post them a little later when I get them from the camera that I cannot find at the moment (you gotta see the mess of this apartment!)

We were picked up at 10AM to set off to pay for Hope's passport. Then from there we directly headed to the orphanage..our orphanage is actually located on a road in Russian called (young Childen's ironic is that?). Disapointingly (if that's even a word)..we were told by our driver on the way to the BH that our daughter had been hospitalized for the entire time we had been gone! I cannot even begin to explain the fear and sadness in my body! Apparently here fever was very high and they sent her to the hospital in an ambulance;( What made matters worse, was that our driver was 'preparing is' for what she may look like...pale, maybe thinner and still sick...he also, proceeded to tell us that the hospital was not a great place and that the care is very I am about to see our daughter on our long awaited moment and I get an earfull of horrible fear..where I was almost at the point of just bawling with my fears! I felt so awful again that we had left her!

Anyway, we finally get's a beautiful day, and the ice is slushy and melting everywhere by the way. As we enter, they yell out at us that Hope is not ready (I'm not happy at this point) and again, we are directed to the adoption room (a room I almost dread)..its almost like the room of false hope or of fantasy dreams to me at this point. Turns out, Hope is getting a massage and getting fed?
So we wait, I take out the other donations we brought (bottles & pacifiers) and I prepare her snowsuit and 'gotcha outfit'...then out comes Hope! She looked wonderful! She had lost some weight but not much. She didn't look any paler than what she was...and she was smiling! She remembered us! They handed her to us, where I immediately showered her with all my kisses and hugs..she was alittle overwhelmed by that but happy. We were handed her 'baptismal dress' which I was very elated (because I planned on asking but of course was shy), and they handed us her vaccine records and check book? The government gives them money in their account;) Wow impressive! We started to get Hope undressed..where I spotted two awful vaccine marks on her right arm...she had received those at birth for TB and Heb..ouchie;( Again, she was fine and smiling with her little tummy hanging out;) Freddy asked if it would be possible to take pics of her crib and room of play...but they said no, and offered to snap pics themselves of the room, and we were delighted by that. (I wishe we could have seen for ourselves..but maybe its for the best). We then had Hopee ready to go, and asked if there was anything else we needed to do? They said just give some goodbyes, and that we did with the director & Doctor who were very happy for Hope. There was also a couple from Spain leaving with their little boy, we both had similar faces on display...wanting to cry because this was the final moment of truth, yet too happy and still kinda that hard work, all the papers and tears and frustrations..all the hope even...finally, Hope was finally right in my arms staring wide eyed at me! She was all snuggled up in her snowsuit that a dear friend & PAP gave to us for this very moment (in which, I would gladly like to pass on by the way to the next Angel). We took some more pics of the home, and looked back one more time..there was a caretaker in the window who kept staring and smiling and waving at Hope....she seemed genuinely happy and almost sad at the same was nice and I became emotional too...I don't know if Hopee had any idea of what was going on, but I will forever remember this day and its accounts. We got into the car and drove away..Hopee belted in my lap (this gave me some anxiety without a carseat), but she was in very good spirits;) She was smiling and when I'd touch her she'd giggle and our driver said she is so obviously content! Freddy made her smile some more, and we filmed a bit and took more pics of this glorious, heavenly moment, with our little miracle daughter! We were let out of the car at our apartment, and we decided to go to the grocery store on foot with Hope. The day was beautiful, and everything is such a short walk away, why not? We took her to MCDONALD'S FIRST! What is wrong with us? we must be backwards..but anyway, I guess hunger just got in the way and it was right beside the grocery store 9and we still didn't really know what to buy just yet for her...duhhhhh)! We found a highchair and great sitting area with Hope, and we gave her peices of everything! Frenchfries, milk shake, apple pie, chicken...ya ya ya..I know I feel dumb! LOL! She was so giddy and enjoyed everything! What a precious girl! Her little curious face and expressive eyes...gosh, our little Princess is finally with us!

We then took Hope to the grocery store, put her in a basket, and set off all over the store looking for was just fun being there. We bought shampoo in pink for babies, and some cereal with bananas, and some juice and water & milk..and cookie..hehe..why am I telling you all this? The funny thing that happend there, was that, they have this lil kind of moving floor (can't think of the name now) that takes you into the dairy section downstairs..I panicked and told Freddy, you can't put her on that? He was like..yes you can! We asked a worker there and they smiled and said you can, in fact, once the cart goes on it, it locks in! Hope threw her head back and arms back and laughed..oh boy..she's a wild one!

We then made it to the apartment with Hope in tow (this time I carried her), and guess who we bumped into? SCOTTnYUKI! Scott had spotted us, and we got to chatting, all of is in smiles and exchanging stories;) Hope just staring and her head going from one conversation to the next..(girl's are nosy;)! WE FINALLY REACHED THE APARTEMENT! TIRED! Yet feeling, we were once again just beginning..we took her out of the snowsuit and gave her toys..she immediately turned over and started banging away at the cups..goodness We played with her lots and snapped pics. We skyped! Fred spent a lot of time with her..and she was babblin away..little verbal thing! Then our translator came by, and we filled out U.S. Immigration forms (again) and she explained stuff to come quite clearly, she's very efficient & thorough..we're so proud of our in country team and trust them completely! Then we were later visited by the Doctor! He was very humorus and kind, he thought Hopee looked fantastic and well taken care of! Awesome! Praise God for that he has done for us and Hope!

By the time the Doctor had left we were soo pooped! It was 8pm...Hope was just getting warmed up it She continued playing..and the little girl, even proceeded to stand up all on her own! Boy is she a SHOWOFF!! I gave her a bottle that she happily took..thought it would make her sleepy..but nope...she continued..okay..we are gonna be so pooped on the plane! We bathed her..that went so so, partly because of me being nervous with her, and her so active, she didn't cry-but wasn't thrilled..I yelled at Fred for help, she was so squirmy. Then we got her wrapped up and smellin yum! She turned over to stand up by herself again!..I'd say about 2 hours from there she finally fell asleep? I know it was hard for her, with the new smells and atmosphere and people..but she finally slept (she doesn't like noise though). I picked her up and put her in the playpen cause I was so tired and worried about her falling..she seemed fine. Though, then the phone rand and I heard her squirming, until she started to cry again..and I don't want her crying or thinking she is going to spend another night on her of course I scooped her up and put her between us, where she happily snored away...and she makes this lil sucking sound, dunno if it is because of the teething or she is in habbit of that...sighhhh, but there you have it.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, it took so long...but I promise to make up with pics..after some good coffee;)

Love ya's.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations!!!!! Hard to believe you finally have your Hope! How scary to hear about her health while you were gone. So happy to hear she is doing well. I can't wait to see some pics!!!!! Enjoy every minute!!!

Shelly and Steve said...

Congratulations!!! I love all the little details!! I also cannot wait to food shop for our little miss and wonder if I'll have a clue what to buy from the Russia market. Oh, I just picture you driving away while looking back at the BH and the waving emotional! Sad about the hospital stay but glad she doesn't seem affected. ENJOY your little adoradle handful!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I am so pleased for you. I brought my little girl home to the UK in December, your first day sounds so much less stressful than mine! My Anastasia is already 3 was very fearful and was wrapped up so warm and tight she ended up being very sick in the car, all over herself, the coordinator and me! Bless their hearts, the moment is so overwhelming for all. Enjoy these early days. despite the nervousness and fear, they are magical and believe me whizz by, which is good cos of the children at home and yearning to be together as a family, and bad because the moment has been so long in the making you just dont want it to end! Our very best wishes to you, your Hopee and the new big brothers! Angela, Alexander and Anastasia.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys your long wait is finally over
Enjoy every second with her glad to know she is feeling better we cant wait to meet the little princess give her a big kiss and hug for me, Ray,Lilly and Alex

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great post! I'm so glad you finally have her in your arms forever. How scary to think she was sick, horrible for you to hear all that. Can't wait to see more pics, our daughter was all hyper the first day too!


Laura Jones said...

Congrats on finally getting Hope! I can't believe that she was in the hospital for so long...that's not good. Makes me very, very concerned :(.

It sounds like Hope is adjusting to both of you and she is a fabulous little girl.

Hope that Russia is a little warmer now!

Big Hug,

Kimberly said...

Yippee!! How exciting that she is in your arms at last. Thanks for all the wonderful details- so helpful for those who hope to follow in your footsteps. Congratulations!

Chandra said...

WOOHOO! I'm SO sorry to have taken so long to comment. We are travelling right now so I haven't been online for days. Please don't think I forgot about you!

Hope is BEAUTIFUL! I was so excited to see her in the snowsuit! How horrible you must have felt to come back to find out she had been in the hospital! At least she is with you now and healthy.

Congrats!!! Start enjoying your daughter! I'm going to go catch up on the rest of your posts now.