Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where I Last Left Off...

I was almost hesitant in opening up my blog and posting..cause you guys have all been so IMPATIENT! LOL! How awesome are you guys, really?

Okay, okay so where did I leave off? Alot has happend, haha..all good of course but the days have literally beaten me up. So-we had our immigration appointment on Thursday because the U.S. Embassy office was going to be closed on Friday. Our translator walked us to the Embassy (she seriously is amazing!) she handed us our invitation ticket and documents and sent us in on our own..ahhhh! We entered only to see about thirty other American families with their Russian children! WOW, what a sight! There was noise;) We took a seat with Hope and just shyly stared (hehe)..there was actually a lady there with a beautiful little girl 'Irina' believe it or not the woman looked at my daughter and said "Hope?" Freddy was confused and said "ya?" she said she follows our blog! HA! so that kind of made us all felt good..guess we're all just observing eachother in this process huh? How amazing to be able to connect with one another and help eachother? anyway, I observed so many families, and heard most of their stories (of course we were all dying to share!) What impressed me most were the parents' walks of life...the single mothers who had travelled from Siberia, and taken train after train to reach their son/daughter..they were exhausted too..but oh so happy with thier baby. we all probably wanted to cry if we didn't laugh first LOL! I met parents who were adopting for the third or fourth time from Russia! People who were not only there for babies, but taking in eight year olds and twelve year olds..WOW...who are these people? GOD had brought them and us together from all walks of life..we were all here to bring our children home..the remaining peices of our hearts..about to be brought back to their rightful places...their rightful home in America...this was the finish line! Once we were called up the Immigration officer asked us to state our names and raise our right hands. We were asked to swear that all the mentioned information was true, which we did. Then we had to verify that Hope's information was all accurate; this was the second time that we were reminded this..and so I quickly scanned the computer..female-check...Birthday-check...and so on. Then as we went to sit back down, we waited some more and conversed some more with our new friends;) We exchanged emails and numbers and oooohhhed and awwwwhed over all the many little innocent faces who were destined for this moment. Gosh I wish I can post here every story that we heard, but I cannot..then again, I just cannot end this post without mentioning some..Hope and this other little Kazak beauty were the youngest and the plumpest;) Her and I just seemed to be dying to exchange words, because our daughters looked so similar and we just beamed with excitment about their health! Only her daughter 'Mayumi' had a very very sad beginning;( Mayumi was found in a subway station with a broken arm;( Gosh I had tears with this story..such a gorgeous little darling, anyway-don't mope too hard for this little gem, cause boy does she have an awesome mommy-they are obviously just meant for eachother;) The last story that I will tell, is about an eight year old boy who will be flying to JFK with us on the same flight. His name is 'Jovann' he is a gorgeous brunette little boy with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, he was just hard to ignore. He was adopted from Petrosavarsk (sp?) and his momma was alone with him (his dad & sis wait at home)she was struggling a bit because of the language barrier, but boy could you tell that he was just enthused to be adopted and very smart! well, when I asked about his history (look at me Ms.Nosybody)she said that he was found wandering the streets at four;(( Sniff* sniff* his parents never even took notice that he was gone! Both alcoholics with drug could this boy go un-noticed? Well I guess that is why there are happy endings in life too..

From there-we were informed about the next few steps which included: Holding onto an envelope of docs that were for the Customs officer at the first airport we land in (us JFK). Also, keeping up with our post-placement reports...which as we all know is very important so that future families can adopt from Russia. There you have it..

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