Monday, May 20, 2013

We are in Denver Co.

Currently, we are in Denver Colorado for Freddy's work. I'm feeling a little run down, but I like this escape with the family. We haven't seen any museums yet, but homeschooling is going fine now that we're away from distractions at home. We just sent off our papers to Houston to get authenticated...I pray this goes painless, China's dossier process is not for the weak. It has driven me crazy at times...but I pray to God to help us keep it together, and not let this prevent us from bringing home our child. Hope is starting to read and I am so impressed with her! She is just so confident and I am so proud of her. I hope that you are all enjoying your month of May as much as we are...I know school is ending for most-we are going to keep going this summer so the kids can be solid in their learning this year...they are not thrilled-but Hope is;) We wait to hear from USCIS and our fingerprint appointment. We are still organizing the girls' room and I need to buy matching car seats. We are still waiting to see if Faith received her care package and maybe to hear another update! We need to take more pics of us as a family with my hair color remaining the same color!

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Jeanette said...

Love the pictures!!! Train picture is adorable!!!! All of your kids are so beautiful! Did you know there is a huge Russian adoption reunion in Orlando in July? We can't go, but I know you are right there. Most are taking the disney cruise and spending time in park. But there is also a get together outside of park one day, I think. It's all on a facebook group. Email me if you want more details.