Friday, May 24, 2013


We are home! And we have finally received our marriage certificate from San Francisco's Chinese Consulate-YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE! I thought I had made yet, another mistake. But its finally here, and now we are waiting on our other papers from Houston....I pray that it all comes together now. CCAI has officially sent off our I800A application to USCIS. Our homestudy is officially completed; and I must say, that our social worker did an excellent job. I was scared to read about my life and my past in the report...but it actually is the best report I have ever read. Its real. Its all real even though its not pretty-its what led up to my beautiful life now, where I get to be a mother to my precious children. I can't wait to hold my baby Faith. I actually now want her home really, badly. I want to move on with our lives and with her life with us. Our care package has not reached her yet;( We didn't include a number in china (we're on a postal disaster roll), so we're trying to clear this up with FEDEX. I find myself thinking at times, about how it is we are going to make up for not celebrating two of her birthdays...I know this is the least of our worries...but Hope asked about Faith's birthday and I guess I started thinking about lost time. She was born March 6th, this is a liberating date for us. Hope came home March 6th from Russia-officially. Since we've entered into the 'adoptive family life' things have been nothing short of a miracle...even Faith's birthday holds a strange tie...or red thread I guess;) Blessings!

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