Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fundraising Ideas

We have only had one garage sale thus far we will need better planning next time around, but every little bit helps. We are talking to our church about perhaps a Chinese dinner. And my son suggested these 2 items: They are both handmade and every purchase helps our adoption and buys 25 cups of food for another orphan. The worry dolls are handmade in Guatamala and are being sold for $15 shipping is included. The peace, love & harmony necklace is also handmade in Nepal and again, supports our adoption and buy 25 cups of food. They are being sold for $20 with the shipping included. Just email me at if you wish to be apart of our adoption fundraising. We will take down your address, and we will ship to you after the payment is received. Please, please do not forget that we have also partnered with Adoptionbug and so if you purchase one the cool t shirts that we have chosen to represent our adoption, a proceed goes to us...and any of the 'Showhope' t shirts, a proceed goes to us and to another orphan! The otherwise to contribute is through 'the give forward' and that will go to our adoption as well as our friends adoption process!

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angel gonzales said...

I would love to have the peace, love & harmony necklace. I think all your fundraising ideas are great. I really wish it would be a success and you will be able to raise as much funds as you need for your project.