Friday, May 31, 2013


Today Fred's mom celebrated her 70th birthday! She was ever so happy to be in pictures with both of her sons by her side...and to end such a glorious day, I only want to end it by saying the Glory be to God and that we received our FEDEX package-woohooo! The dossier is almost all compiled and authenticated via Houston's Chinese consulate-we must thank our friend who did us a huge, huge favor and saved us money! Thank you Randy!!! To be at this step this fast (even though it seems like ages) incredible. We just now are waiting, on our I-800A USCIS approval and homestudy to be certified and authenticated. We have to print out family pictures that we have still not completed (go figure)...and then they will be sent off to CCAI for approval and soon to be sent to China! Our daughter's care package has still not reached her! It got stuck in Beijing! Atleast these are the small road could be worse. I actually walked passed the FEDEX package today not realizing they left it at the door in the backyard...I'm just happy it got here.

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