Friday, February 12, 2010


Yeahhh! Cannot say we arn't exhausted! Thanks for all the support guys:)

Y'know we really thought we were not going to make it home so soon! All the flights to Florida out of Houston, were booked! Let me tell you, I hate houston! We were prepared that possibly, we were going to stay a night at a Hotel by the airport, and try again the next morning. Though, something inside me just felt like (even though we should be greatful that we made it to the States), I needed to do everything possible to get home, even if it meant going to Orlando or Tampa to rent a car...I already left one baby behind..I was not going to be away from the others who are waiting..if we could help it! There seemed to even be a panic, knowing that one baby was so far away from us at this point and the others were not much closer...ahhhhhh! Motherhood; to be away from the children, is a killer!

I thank the Lord again, for hearing me and knowing our hearts and our intentions in this life for our children. Thank you God for bringing us home to our boys. I know why you wanted us to come home (I am so happy about this now), yeah it hurt to leave Hope...but I need more time with the boys before Hope is home, because Hope is going to need so much of me. So our time with the boys needs to take play now...little things need to be reestablished with our sons. Bath time, and dinner time, and park time, and bible time...they need to be absolutley ready for Hope and not startled.

Thank you Lord..cannot say this enough..


Jeanette said...

Welcome home!!!

Miriam said...

I'm very, very happy for all the wonderful news about your little girl Hope. I'm so touched by your journey, knowing that God was leading the way to your dreams. Isn't "He" awesome?

I can't wait to meet Hope, and give her a big hug and a kiss.

I'm extremely impressed. May Our Lord Bless You Abundantly!

All my love always,

Miriam Dios