Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hope Isabel!

Freddy I LOVE YOU! I am so happy to welcome another child with you..kindest, most patient person I know.

Hope-Was decided because, there was no way we thought we'd have more children, let alone a girl after three she is our little Hope. I also find it to be one of the more unique names today, that is still feminine & modern. It also happens to be YaYa's name (grandma)..and NaNa's (other grandma) favorite name.

Isabel-Was decided because, it means 'God's promise' and that is what she is...I truly have always known that I would some day have a daughter of my own.

Two days have gone by already, and so, we have eight more days left until the ten day grace period is done.

I don't want to brag too much..but I just can't wait to show you pics of the little girl we have been blessed with..she is everything we could ever want!

We want to attend the reunion..but will have to play it by year...because we would like to leave February 28th, to be in Russia the 1st of March to begin the immigration process!


Jeanette said...

Beautiful name! Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

She looks so adorable, just from these partial peeks! ;) I can't wait to see her! :)