Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay-We are running around like mice in a maze today!

I haven't packed or anything (weird of me)..but Fred was working overtime (another Godly Blessing our way) and I was moping & missing him;(

The visas were costly; but we just got it all back & then some, with poor Fred's hard work...and now we get to be together again (almost alone), in Russia with our daughter;)

I swear, as soon as we land we want to go get Hope!

We were advised against doing this, because of fatigue..but I'm already a mother of 3..fatigue is non existing in our home. I slept enough, 17 days to be exact! Time to get back on the 'Motherhorse'...and I will so be loving it!!!

TRUST ME,...HARD WORK PAYS OFF;)I will post again maybe from the airport (though, we plan on flying direct this time)and I'd rather not bore you. So I'll wait till we're in Russia, with Hope on her GOTCHA DAY!


Jeanette said...

Good luck, safe travels and have fun!!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Crazy Mom said...

My heart is exploding for you and Hope!!!!! Im reading your blog 10 times a day!!!!

Frederick,Mackenzie,Noah & Hope said...

Five kids and you still have time to stalk the blogs? LOL wink* My kind of mom;) I added you on Facebook.xox

JACK said...

Haha uh yeah Jeannie I better have a blog posted about me and a cool picture too! haha you can write the best brother in the world who's basically my kids parent while I'm gone haha!

Kids misses you! there all ok! we are having fun ;) NOW GO GET MY NEICE!

Anonymous said...

Godspeed! Before you know it you will have Hope in your arms again and be home sweet home! Give her a kiss from "Aunt" Jules. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Okay Jeannie & Freddy Where are you guys now??