Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Every Day & Every Passing Moment..

I think about you everyday Hopee...

There is not a minute that goes by, that I do not stop thinking about my little girl, who is right now, so far far away.

I stop to look at your photos, and the ones of us together, and the movies of us together,..where I am trying to get you to smile or giggle...I just want you crawling on the floor here in your house with your brother, Noah.

Okay-its starting to get hard! Especially now that the 10 days are done..and this would have been the week, that we would have taken Hope out of the orphanage and brought her to the apartment. This feels like it is going to be the loooongest week (Russian holiday) ever!! Hence, January all over again!

We are actually leaving the 27th of February now (am I repeating myself?) so its actually 4 more days now...'Gotcha Day' is a little longer than expected..but not too far away!

My sister will be having her baby right around the same time, we bring Hope home- (she said this was going to happen;)

Hey! I want to say something here- I want to thank the 'Knowles Family'! For commenting on my page (as well as y'all, you know you're all wonderful sweeties)..but I bring up 'the Knowles' for a reason..because, it was their 'blog' that led me to 'Lighthouse Adoptions'! After many months of trying to figure out which Agency (for me, this was the hardest part), I came upon their blog and fell in love! With their posts, with their children, & with their story;) Our daughter Hopee, looks very similar to their daughter Julia (I would have named my daughter Julia, if it wern't for their Julia). You see how powerful blogs can be? God knew exactly what my heart was searching for..and he led me right to Lighthouse Adoptions Inc.
I know this can be a touchy topic, (that's what FRUA is for right?)..but I can only talk about our experience on here;)

Anyway, if you're still going through the adoption process...keep the faith!

As always, I love you guys..you make my day!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know the days will fly by and soon be a memory and before you know it you will be holding your Hopee she is the cutest little girl and I cant wait to meet her she is beautiful like her mommy lots of love on your trip to bring her home I love you guys
lots of luv Michelle

Kevin said...

What an absolutely beautiful girl..the 10 day wait will fly by, I promise...Congrats on the new addition to your family. The journey is just beginning....

Give her a big hug from the O'Shields family.