Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Checking Off....Stress...Check!

My Nonna leaves early tomorrow morning, so we had to say good bye was sad! I hate goodbyes;( I have also become very emotional all of a sudden..who says adoption is not like a pregnancy?

I came home tonight and started to repack...this part is so annoying! What to bring, what to not forget..what is absolutely necessary and not..Fred says only one pair of shoes/boots..

We did get the apartment reserved finally, and at a descent rate too! The best part of it all, is that it is close to the baby home;) YEAHHH! We are making this the 'final trip'..God willing!

We will be flying via Continental Airlines again (of course), and we are connecting through London, England...wish we could stop and see it a bit..but don't think that can be squeeazed into the program..ah shucks!

We received the Visas! They are only good until February 28th..I hope this works and we can be back before the ten day grace period, will most likely not be waived in our region..and we will probably, not be able to have Hope in our custody, until those ten days are up. So we will make the most of this and visit her and visit town again and buy some more souvenirs (mainly for Hope;)

The count down has truly begun for us..and stress is running its nasty cycle..yet again!

Lot's is going on in our lives; and, all kind of at the same sister is in the process of buying her which I hope happens soon before she has her baby (due in March)..please pray for my sister's house! Thank You;)


Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

We have court on the 11th in Novokuznetsk. Maybe we will see you in Moscow. Best of Luck on your journey to Hope. Dawn

amy and kevin said...

Wow you are so close to leaving - can't wait to hear all about trip #2 and see pictures of your Hope!