Thursday, February 11, 2010

Court's Success:) & Saying Good Bye:(

A couple of pics of the place that granted us our daughter under God's eyes! Quite a beautiful building for a courthouse. We didn't get very good close up pics of us, so you could see what we wore or how nervous we looked..oh well..atleast you know how happy we are!

This church used to be a babyhome, and I snapped this on the way to Hope after court.

First and foremost, Freddy wants me to tell you what I did to make sure he looked nice for court. Neither of us, know how to tie a tie (yeah..I know) so because I was very worried about this..I made an effort, by going on 'youtube' and attempting, 'the step by step' video of how to tie a tie! Freddy thought this was hilarious..I didn't think it was so funny...atleast it was a success and I managed to tie a tie for court! Freddy told everyone...whatever! (we both wore suits; Fred in navy and baby blue(tie), and I in a beige/sage color suit & black blouse & pearls, everyone seemed pleased with our choice..looks matter here in Russia..its all about first impressions! Oha ya..and its very, very cold here (wet blowing cold) so layer, ladies bring a hat, and maybe some boots that cover the calves atleast, seriously!

Soon after, we left for court (our appt. was for 11:30am), and met up with the same couple, we had the DOE appointment with, scott & Yuki (lucky folks like us to be moving along the process). Always a pleasure, meeting really good people! They are staying the 10 days, God Bless them & their 2 beautiful children. We both were slightly nervous- (naturally) but immediately, the orphanage director glanced at us and smiled and asked to be introduced to us. We exchanged words (some), and she fell in love with Freddy (believe it or not) she thought he was gorgeous..hehe..Freddy loved this. We also met the social worker who was smiling, she said she was happy that we were so young;) and she handed us two photos of Hope of when she was just 6 months old..sighhhh (melting). we thanked her and then walked into the court room. we all stood up, our translator 'Masha' was behind us translating the whole time every little detail of what was going on and what was to come. Questions that would be asked etc. We were well prepared and felt confident; it was now all about, taking in every moment. Freddy went first to be questioned..and immediately all the women in the court room swooned (he wants me to include this)..hehe..but its true. The judge was EXTREMELY KIND, her questions were few and straighforward:

To Freddy,

What is your name?
What is your date of birth?
What is your Citizenship?
What is your home address?
Describe your home?
Are you working?
What is your yearly income?
What is your position at work?
Why are you adopting?
Who will care for her while you work?
Don't you already have children?
Why more?
Why not your own/try again?
Have you met the child?
How many times?
Have you bonded with the child?
How do you feel about her?
How do your boys & family feel about her?
What about her Asian looks?
Are you familiar with her medicals & social history?
How do you feel about them?
Will you be able to provide medical care, should the child need it?
Do you wish to keep her name?
Do you wish to keep her date of birth & place of birth?

To me (I went second),

Name please?
Date of birth?
You will stay at home and care for her?
How do you feel about her/have you bonded?
How will your boys feel?

Then the Orphanage director appraoched the bench/podium and began to talk about when Hope came to the orphange. About us interacting with Hope. She said that Russians didn't even want to 'look' at Hope, because of her Asian heritage being known. She also, looked back at us and said that Hope had won the lottery and that she wished that she could get adopted by us...ahhhh! The judge told her that she is too old! We all laughed!

Then the social worker approached, and she told how Hope was very healthy, and very well behaved, and how she came to the orphanage. Again, it was mentioned, that she would not be adopted by any Russian family;(

The Judge then asked the prosecuter if she had any questions or objections, and she smiled warmly towards us and said no.

Then the Judge said she needed to leave the room to make her final decision. We provided her with different pictures of us with Hope, she asked if she could keep them and we said yes. We also gave her pics of our boys, so she could see how Hope would fit in. She said they were beautiful;)

She then came back in 10 minutes later (if that) and we stood up to hear her decision. We were 'officially named the parents of 'Hope Isabel Robaina' and will have custody of her, after the 10 days. It happend so fast and we were just elated! Everyone was so kind to us and full of smiles. It made our what a moment! Who says child birth is the greatest moment? This adoption and its events, have just taken my heart away, along with all these people here in russia...and of course our little girl! We were soon after driven to the baby home again, to see our daughter Hope one last time before we leave (tomorrow at 3am). We saw LAURA & SON AGAIN;) How cool is that?! Hope was feverish and sick..again;( She cried a little, but from discomfort of the teething I guess and the fever;( I held my daughter this time with a lot more confidence. I prayed for her fever and cold to go away, so that she will be strong once more, until mommy & daddy come back for her for real. She fell asleep in my arms..and for the first time..I watched my daughter as she slept, peacefully in my arms, her breathing & little heartbeat pounding away near my made me cry! I can't believe this beautiful girl is mine. I can't believe all that I have missed..yet I am here now for more will she cry herself to sleep..I may not be here when she wakes up..but it will not be long before I will be near her always & forever. Of course it was time for us to leave again;( Though, when the caretaker came to take her from me she cried and looked back at me once more. It was difficult, but I know God will take care of her for me, until I will return for her...hopefully soon, God willing..March 1st.

Coming back to the apartment I was supposed to feel happy but I felt even more sad. We called our boys to tell them the good news, and hearing them, and their anxiousness, cheered me up..cause I am needed at home also. So I understand this process, and I am greatful to you, Lord for everything..even us going and returning here again in Russia. I love Russia..and I love its people...people with big hearts, and who have been through hard times...most of all I love that we made this journey.

If you want to adopt or have any doubts...just forget & ignore the negative stuff..go with the adoption and go with your heart..its just the right thing to do in a dying world with so little time!

God Bless You guys for following;)

I guess I can post pics after the 10 days? Can't wait!



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Jeanette said...

You did it!!!! You have your little girl :) So happy for you and your whole family!!!! Thanks for all the details from court! Brad's not a talker, so he better practice :) If you see Scott and Yuki again, tell them I said hello and congrats!!!! Safe travels home! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy and kevin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you!

Chandra said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Of course I knew it would go without any problems. ;)

Can't wait until you can post lots and lots of photos of your sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I could not agree with you more about loving Russia and its people. All the negative things that people say about these GORGEOUS Russian children, it makes me sick. Unless you have seen them, you just have no idea how fabulous they all are! People should not hesitate to adopt them - congrats again - can't wait to see pics!


Brian & Rebeca said...

Congratulations! I am crying of joy! I remember our court day and how they also said the same thing about Julia - "nobody will adopt her because of the Asian heritage" ... We are so blessed!