Monday, December 14, 2009


We are officially in business!!

VOY HYSTSILIBA SHTONIBUDT PAYISTE? (he..he..would you like something to eat?)..I suck!

Now I just gotta worry about the flights..we have a plan A and a plan B..there is even possibly a plan C..but I don't like plan C, so let's not talk about it-yet;)

We are either leaving from Miami via British Airways to London...or leaving Miami via AlItalia to Rome..which was plan A..and I hope we stick to this...but, if its plan B...I've never been to London and would love to stop and visit no losing here!

I've pretty much packed everything -two carry on's (not bad). Fred's buying himself a netbook (I think that is what it is), he deserves it, and lighter is always better!!

I am excited to meet our daughter who is more alive in my heart than ever before. I think about her all the time...and I know she needs us a.s.a.p. as we need her.

I actually am already dreading leaving her...I feel it, I know its gonna hurt a lot...I know she's mine already..and so I just don't want to disapoint her in any way;(

Though, I know when we return God willing; it will go by very fast, because I will be so busy buying her much needed things such as clothes (no we have not bought any), some other toys for the crib, sheets, stroller etc. I also will be planning my sister's baby shower (yeahhhhhh). God has his reasons, and they are sooooo, soooo grand. I know this adoption is so much more beautiful than any plans, I've ever made, when I was expecting one of my boys to be a girl! No, no..God is so much more gracious and loving, and he has stretched and turned this family around for the better (the entire family). I have seen changes in my in- laws, concerning their views on adoption..its miraculous. Though, don't think I don't think about some of the friendships I will possibly lose, because of our does exist..everyone is different..and we have to just protect our own families and, if it is for the be more ways than one.

That's life..and I am going to live mine;)

P.S. have you guys noticed how many people are traveling this year? It's amazing! Jeanette's in Moscow now, and Adrienne from 'Our Journey of Love' blog (my personal favorite) is traveling to Korea to pick up her daughter...YEAHHHH!!! God's got miracles all across the globe! You better enjoy your Christmas this year..because Jesus was born, he died for us, and he lives have us spread his Miracles & Glory around the world!!!



amy and kevin said...

I'm totally with 'ya - so anxious until we get on that plane on Friday! We'll stay the night at the Novotel hotel at the Moscow SVO airport on the 19th and leave for Vlad the afternoon of the 20th - let me know if you will be there too :) Good luck and safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about your little girl.

Jeanette said...

Good luck with traveling!!! Drink LOTS OF WATER! I've been dizzy all week from jet lag. It's horrible. Pack lots of layers! Although I think your weather may be better than ours. We had negatives temps all week. Looking forward to the 30s back home :) Can't wait to follow along!!